“Fighting For The Community Choice Act” music video/photo mashup!!

Posted by – June 4, 2009

Please help spread the “Fighting For The Community Choice Act” music video/photo mashup I made. of ADAPT protests for housing and the Community Choice Act.   I’m trying for a creative way to get the word out about the CCA.

Fighting For The Community Choice Act from Alejandra Ospina on Vimeo.

This, the Seventh Nick’s Crusade Video Blog, is a music video/photo mashup of ADAPT protests for housing and the Community Choice Act. For more information, go to http://adapt.org

The video features photos from ADAPT.org and Julie Maury, from recent ADAPT actions, and includes pictures of some of my favorite ADAPTers: Anita Cameron, Bob Kafka, Julie Maury and Nadina LaSpina, among many others.
The music is “Closer to Free” by The BoDeans.  Dig the rock accordion!

Brief Video Description
First protesters and their signs are shown from the Housing Action, “DUH CITY,” in Fall 2008 at the HUD offices in Washington. Then there are pictures of the Washington Action April 26-29, when ADAPT activists handcuffed themselves to the White House gate and crawled up the Capitol steps. 91 were arrested on April 27 and 99 were arrested on April 28.

Help me take this video viral!! Forward this, tweet this, post this on message boards and listserves, in blogs and comments. Please help us raise awareness about the CCA!
The video’s URL is http://vimeo.com/5003243


  • Awesome!

  • Debbie Bonomo

    Awesome video !


    The only problem is that ADAPT leadership LIED to all of you to get you arrested

    now the fun stuff!

    On a contact person confrence call it was said that the fines from the last DC action were 19,000+ dollars
    now, the arestees at the white house have 30 – 50 dollar fines
    only 39 ppl from the capitol were actually prosicuted (all of them EADERSHIP WITH JOBS!!!!) they were all fined 300.00+

    so….it has been decided that all money from the defence fund will be applied to the TOTAL fines, and the rest SPLIT between ALL of the arestees that were prosicuted.

    in short, if you were fined only 35 dollars, you may still pay 100 bucks

    hope you all enjoyd being LIED TO!!!


  • Rodney G. Summers

    Lets keep on pushing our Senators and Congress to becoming a co-sponsor of the Community Choice Act.
    Rodney G. Summers

  • What evidence do you have that Obama is doing A DAMN THING about housing? I have seen NO ANNOUNCEMENT, NO PLAN, NO ACTION! I am in NYC where low-income apartments sit empty while thousands of us are trapped in institutions because of the steep income requirements for those “low-income” apartments! NO ONE ON SSI can qualify!
    What did Obama do about this? He promoted NYC's housing director (who masterminded these wonderful housing programs for only middle and upper income people) to director of HUD!! Enjoy, America!!

    As for ADAPT, it makes sense for those prosecuted and facing jail and gigantic fines will get more help. I'm sure they didn't intend to mislead, but have a shortfall of cash In the legal fund.


    JUST AN FYI: there are better ways o pay the fines WITHOUT pushing the burden off on THOSE MEMBERS THAT ONLY GET SSI

    why not have the ppl that got the small fines pay there own (as it has always been)
    then ASK them if they can AFFORD to pitch in for the rest of the fines
    apply th defense fund to what is left (along with the money you get from those that could AFFORD TO PICH IN
    and then you bring the cost down for those that got the big fines

    it is not ROCKET SCIENCE PEOPLE, SSI recepients CANNOT affor to pay 200 bucks in fines, maybe 75 buck tops


    and if you dont like the way Obama is doing things, then look to yourselves, you VOTED HIM IN!!!!!!!


    Oh Yea, did you all notice that Rhonee P. in Chicago came out with an update to the DC stuff AFTER I posted their plans to screw you out of your money???

    wonder why the truth came out then, some week plus after the confrence call, and not the day after the decision was made

    makes you wonder what else they are holding back huh??

    probably not, most of you cannot think for yourselves, you follow blindly, believing that Bob, Steph, Nancy, and the rest of the leadership (what a joke) will not lead you astray, you really should open up your eyes ppl

  • I fail to see how ADAPT has done anything nefarious, and my evil detector is very sensitive. There's nothing wrong with focusing Legal Fund assistance on those with the biggest fines. And Rahnee Patrick's email was aimed at raising enough money to cover EVERYONE'S fees! So WTF is your problem?

    And if you think Obama still will pass CCA. read this: http://www.nickscrusade.org/?p=700
    Do your homework.

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    Well, when the leaders are invited into the White House (mind you, for the first time since 2000, which was my first action) and told that CCA was not on the agenda RIGHT NOW, but will be taken care of THIS TERM, and they come out and tell the membership that CCA IS NOT EVEN BEING CONSIDERED, that to me is nefarious in and of itself. the bad thing is that all they do is hurt their own credability.

    and as for Rahnee Patrick's mail, I am just saying that the mail SHOULD have been sent the day after the confrence call (2 maybe 3 days at the latest if she was busy) letting ppl know what THEY decided to do with the fines, but to me it looks like they planned on telling everyone that their fines were more than what they truely are.

    and Lastley (for now) I am (according to leadership) just an attendant, I have no intrest in the issues (TOTAL BS) so basically, I am (or should be) a mindless drone, but I can come up woth a better way to do the fines in 5 seconds, than they came up with, and it will not ROB social security recipents of ADAPT, but give them a CHOICE as to what they do to help those with te bigger fines, and arent we fighting for the RIGHT to make a CHOICE??? that being said, why are ADAPT leadership making CHOICES for us?? (about the fines b4 you take what I say and try to twist it) seems like a double standard to me, especially from Nancy from Philly ADAPT, her group, and others, are self stated (by the leadership) that they are DICTATORSHIPS, seems like all of ADAPT is that.

    which brings up another intresting observation, why is ADAPT leadership mostly mobility impared?? are we (ADAPT) not a group of and for the rights of ALL DISABILITYS??? just a question

    now for CCA:

    I have it from a couple of reliable sources that I cannot name that CCA is much farther along in the House and Senate than we are being told, that it is farther along than AN other bill out there.
    and as I stated B4, if you do not like the way OBAMA BIN LADEN is doing things, look to the voters (I believe that ADAPT was all for OBAMA when he was running for pres.) I voted for Hillery myself (a write in vote) because I knew Obamam was a lying POC. but I do believe that he will get CCA passed, and in his first 4 years, but first he has to get other supports and services on place, I mean, conservatively, we get 10,000 ppl out of nursing homes next week, where are they gonna live??? will you give say 20 of them a roof over their heads?? and feed them??? I can't, I am on fixed income.

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    maybe you need to read what you told me to read, (your post above)

    The man sid they were looking at it for the SECOND TERM OF CONGRESS!!!!!

    like I said, in the Whit House ADAPT was told not this time, but soon (basically) you just proved what I have been saying, THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!!

  • Right, SECOND TERM. 2010!
    We are being told, as we have been every year since '96, “maybe next year.”

    Not “will be taken care of THIS TERM” as you falsely stated. CCA IS NOT EVEN BEING CONSIDERED for inclusion in this year's health care reform package.

    In 2010, I bet we'll hear “maybe next year” AGAIN.
    ADAPT is the only group willing to stand up and call the administration out on the broken promises.

    One minute you DEFEND Obama, the next you call him a “lying POC.”

    WAKE UP!

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    you cannot blame a new president for the faults of past presidents, that is not fair, as I stated b4, at least theis guy INVITED you all INTO the whitehouse to talk, when was the last time that happened?? I see something diffrent there, I guess you are just blinded by the BULLSHIT that ADAPT feeds you

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    I defend the fact that he has done alot of things diffrently than past presidents.

    but I also do not like the man personally, I support the office, but not necessarilly the man

  • NO ONE will ever convince me that CCA NOT EVEN BEING CONSIDERED for inclusion in this year's health care reform package is the right thing to do, whether ADAPT is in the picture or not.

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    ok, then lets get those conservative numbers of 10000 people out ove the nursing homes today, and let them live on the streets where they can be victimised by whomever wants to take from them, rape them, kill them whatever, we could call it the new way to keep gimps out of the gene pool


  • Your insults are not appreciated.

    The transfer of 10k people is THEIR CHOICE, voluntary, and they would not choose to live on the streets. It's about CHOICE. You are very poorly educated about the CCA if you honestly believe it will force 10k Americans onto the streets. When homes are available, CCA will ensure the attendant services to enable us to CHOOSE to live in them, not in institutions. That you do not grasp these basic concepts is increasingly tiresome.

    In many cases, housing is the barrier to community living, and in many cases, it is not. Many have family waiting to take them in, but not the attendants to make home life possible.

    I am currently stuck in an institution, and have my partner waiting in our apartment. It's the lack of availability of services that is keeping me incarcerated.

    That said, housing reform is a MUST, and should be passed alongside any long-term care legislation; what makes you think I don't support an overhaul of subsidized housing too?? What do you think our protests at HUD were about? This is really frustrating.

    If a backwater like my old home state of Alabama can build apartments for all the inmates that were released from Brewer Developmental Center (and save millions by doing it) there's NO EXCUSE why the feds can't embark on a similar project nation-wide.

    Both CCA and housing are SORELY NEEDED.

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    homes are so redily available for low income that DUH city was done, come on man, you and I BOTH know that ADAPT has been fighting for more housing vouchers for years.

    my point was that there is not enough affordable housing out there to put people, so getting them out of a nursing home now would only create a bigger problem.

    you are an educated person, so stop trying to twist what I am saying, I am only being real about the situation.

    I am all for CCA, have been for years, if I was not I would not have been willing to get arrested myself, I just do not appreciate being lied to by ADAPT, and I feel that if a decision is made it should be voiced to the group, the ENTIRE group, not just the leadership.

    Furthermore, as far as passing CCA and housing reform together, where is the money supposed to come from?? this country is BROKE!! I know about money follows the person, and I know it is cheaper to live in your own home than it is to live in a nursing home, as I said, I am well versed in CCA (formerly MiCassa), so there is your attendant care, but where will the money come from to supliment the houseing. this is the reason that I feel Obama is working on one thing at a time, and as I said befor , at least he is TALKING to you ppl, so lighten up on him, bitch about the shit he is doing that is fucked up, give him props where he deserves them.

  • props where he deserves them? on disability issues, where does he deserve props? Obama personally hasn't uttered a word about our issues since becoming president. You really think this administration should get praise for inviting ADAPT to the White House so the “health reform czar” could tell them NO inclusion in this year's health legislation, NO action on CCA until maybe next session (2010)????

    Where is the money supposed to come from? The same place they're getting the money for the Detroit bailouts, the financial sector bailouts, two disastrous wars, etc. When the government pours TRILLIONS down those rat holes without hesitation, the “no money” argument gets NO TRACTION WITH ME AT ALL!

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    Yes props where he deserves them, like for ALLOWING you into HIS house to talk, again something NOBODY else has EVER done, yes I know it is a small thing, easily overlooked, but to me it shows his willingness, if not eagerness to get things done THE RIGHT way for ppl with disabilities, but you, and others, have been FIGHTING for soooooooo long, you have blinded yourselves to little steps forward, and are DEMANDING a big leap, well my friend, I se no big leaps in the near future, and I will tell you this, if I was obama, and I was fighting to get things done for you, and you called me out, saying I was lying, or not doing enough, I would STOP what I was doing, and say fuck ya'all

  • something NOBODY else has EVER done? Clinton invited us into the White House, and we met with administration officials during Bush…that doesn't mean anything is changing.

    Obama is “fighting to get things done for you”?? In what parallel universe is THAT the case? you have no evidence to back that up. I understand deluding yourself can be comforting.

    But look, I am trapped in an institution. I demand more action than the same old “maybe next year” crap. When I see REAL ACTION, I will praise it. Right now, I can't find progress with a magnifying glass.

  • cybers

    nick can you workon cca all don on the cop right/lock in a house

  • What? Please restate the question

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    the problem as I see it is that you have KING BABY SYDROME

    I want
    what I want

    grow up, things take time, and Obama is doing his best

    and I really hate to say that as I do not personally like him, but I DO support him because of his office

    if you think you could have better life in say IRAN, the FUCKING MOVE

  • 1) I've worked hard to get the CCA passed since March 2000. I got conservative Congressman Jo Bonner (R – Alabama's 1st district) to co-sponsor MiCASSA and he's co-sponsoring CCA also. As I've worked hard on this for nine years, accusing me of being a “I want it now” baby is beyond inappropriate. You think we should have to wait 9 years for basic civil rights? 10 years? 15 years? 25 years? At what point would you say “enough! segregation ends NOW!”?

    2) It's only right I hold Obama's feet to the fire every bit as much as I did Bush. Fair and equal criticism.

    3) Sentiments like “if you want better, leave the country,” are deeply unAmerican and against our history of striving for progress and a better life for all, and do not belong in public, much less on my blog.

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    I understand holding someone responsible for THRIR OWN actions, or inactions, but not the actions of others.

    wshen Obama was elected, he took on ALOT of problems that need to be fixed, CCA is one of them, but there are MANY OTHERS. you slam the man (and remember, I personally do not like him) because he does not JUMP for you on CCA, you talk about all the years you have fought for CCA/MiCassa, but remember, you were fighting diffrent administrations, diffrent legislators, and you fight the same way with all of them, if they don't give you what you want RIGHT NOW, you bitch, cry, piss n moan. and talk about how BAD they are. maybe you need a new plan of action!

    so now I pose a question to you.

    how would you do things if you were Obama, and you took on all the problems of this country??? where would you concentrate your energies????

  • if I was president, yes, I would make the unnecessary segregation of millions of my citizens with disabilities, that they can not experience life, develop into taxpayers because of ridiculous policies, one of the top domestic priorities.

    That you're callous enough to not see our basic liberty as a priority pretty much closes this discussion. OF COURSE segregation and our basic civil rights should be on the agenda. There are no human rights in a nursing home, I know, i LIVE IN ONE

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    That is not what I was saying at all, but you, being a close minded FOOL that you are, wanna read bad things into EVERYTHING you read that does not go along with your beliefs.

    what I was saying is that this country is FUCKED UP TOTALLY! and to start cleaning out a mess such as Obama took on, you have to start somewhere, then PRIORATISE what you clean up first.

    Go on, pass CCA today, let the fucking economy go further into the shit, let all the jobs be lost, at least you will not have to live in a nursing home, but you WILL BE HOMELESS!


  • I have a home

    Also, CCA will be a POSITIVE for the economy and not cost jobs. Where are you getting this shit??

    Yes, you must PRIORITIZE! CCA is a top priority for me. The end

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    Well, it may be a top priority for you, but I for one salut Obama for haveing a bigger brain than you do MORON!

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    BTW: I though you said you were in a nursing home, now you have a home?? WTF?!?!?!? guess you are a liar just like the ADAPT leadership! go figure

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    I do agree that civil rights is a priority, but when the economy is failing, the war is going badly, jobs are bieng lost BY THE THOUSANDS everyday, I can also understand why CCA would not be a TOP PRIORITY for this administration, and why it would get pushed back till next year, by then HOPEFULLY the things that Obama is doing now will have made a positive impact on things, we will have pulled out soldiers home (so we do not continue to waste billions of dollars a day) the job market will be on the upswing, and the money we are saving by not being at war can then be used to impliment CCA, that woul be a wonderful thing, and I am all for it, I just feel that with the way things are right now today, that Obama is doing the right thing by us, and again I will say that I do not like Obama, but I have to give him props for doing the best that he can do.

    and actually, this is probably all a moot subject since N. Korea will probably start a nuklear war withing the next few weeks and none of us will be here anyway.

    I apologise for my last 2 posts, I was pissed off at something else and took it out on you, that was wrong, and I hope you will accept my sincear apology for that.

  • Wow, Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott is a real piece of work.
    For the record, Nick does have a home he'll be able to move to, once the very long process of securing community-based services comes to an end. Something which is meant to change for the better under legislation like the CCA.

  • I guess you missed my comment to you several days ago, when I said “I am currently stuck in an institution, and have my partner waiting in our apartment. It's the lack of availability of services that is keeping me incarcerated.”

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    why not put money follows the person to use then, then you would not be “INCARCERATED”…

    better yet, why not do like Anita from Rochester and GET A JOB?!?!?!?! then you can afford to do WHATEVER you want???

    it just floors me when ppl complain about stuff when there are so many diffrent ways to get things done.

    oh, I know, you cannot find a job right, maybe that s because there are NO JOBS, and Obama is trying o fix that, which is why CCA is on for next session, but I know, you do not care about that, you blame him for all the years that you have been fighting for CCA, and he should just put the job situation on the back burner, pass CCA, and hope that it all works out.

    if you think you can do better then I expect to see your name on the ballot for President next election. K??

    if you are not willing to do that the SHUT R PIE HLE AND ACCEPT LIFE ON LIFES TERMS!!!!

  • Anita Cameron supports me, you do not, you abuse me.
    the state isn't allowing me money follows the person, you worthless, vile scumbag. The Congress never passed money follows the person. THAT IS THE PROBLEM, THAT IS WHY I'M STUCK! THAT IS WHY CCA IS NEEDED

    How can I get a job when THEY WON'T LET ME OUT OF THE INSTITUTION?? Think before you type, asshole!
    and burn in Hell –kicking someone when they're down. This abuse will come back on you one day. How would you like to be institutionalized like me, not allowed to choose when to sleep, not allowed to choose when to eat, not allowed to stay with your family, segregated from society and left alone in a room?? Enjoy that fate!

    Fuck off telling me it's easy, I've fighting to get out for nine months. If it were so easy, millions could leave and CCA would be unneeded!! If we can all get jobs and use not money follows the person, why are millions in institutions? your deep thoughtlessness “just floors me”

  • You just told a guy on life support who isn't allowed to leave the institution to just GET A JOB. NICE!

    BTW Obama isn't pushing any jobs legislation right now. He IS pushing health care reform, estimated to cost over 1000 billion (1 trillion). CCA costs $5 billion, and the savings will pay for itself in the long run. WHY NOT ATTACH CCA TO THE HEALTH REFORM BILL?

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    As you said, IT IS NOT THAT EASY, but you act like it is so easy for Obama to pass CCA, and bitch because he is putting it on next session of congress, you think I do not know that it is not that easy, I do know, and I feel ur pain, but I finally got you to say the words “It is NOT THAT EASY”, maybe you should remember that when you are slamming the president of these United States for doing his best, it is not Obama's fault that CCA has been left in the wind all these years, but you call him on the carpet for it, Obama cannot help that from Daddy Bush all the way to George W there was an ADGENDA (I think I spelled that right) that did not favor the american people, let alone americans with disabilities, but YOU blame him, it is what you have been saying threwout this discussion, it is THIS administrations fault, well it is not, and tho Obama would (probably) pass CCA tomorrow if he had his way, IT IS NOT THAT EASY, he has to deal with others to get it done, and eveyone wants something for them selves, that is why CCA has all these other BULLSHI things attached to it (the same as any other bill would have, just today I read that cash for clunkers was attached to the war stuff so it would get passed, that is the way of our government)

    so the next time you wanna piss and moan about Obama, just remember, IT IS NOT THAT EASY!

  • The point is, that *again* (sigh) those with the least resources *to* wait, are being asked to do so.

    Illogical, stupid, and *not even cost effective* over the long term.

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    Nick, I am truely sorry if you feel I am attackin or abusing you, vecause that is not, nor has i ever been my intention, I have said MANY times threwout this “conversation” that I support the passage of CCA, and have fought in the past (and still today by doing the action alerts) to help get this passed.

    as for MFP, I hate to tell you, but that was passed, and if your stat did not get the money from that, that is on your state, not President Obama.

    As for my comment on getting a Job, that was ment to push the point that the job market is shit, and that (in my opinion) that is more important at ehis time than CCA, because if everyone looses their jobs, CCA will not matter because we will be in a state of anarchy, actually, my point all along has been that there are problems in this countrythat HAVE to take presidence over CCA, this is not to say that CCA is not important, it just means that there are some things that are more important to keeping out country FREE, hopefully one day that will mean FREE FOR ALL AMERICANS!

    I guess the best description that I have heard so far on this is (and I wish I could remember who said it, because they deserve the credit for it, but…):

    Obama bought a house that was filled with shit from wall to wall floor to celing, and he has to clean it out, where is he supposed to start?? all of the rooms in this houce are full of shit, and all of the rooms are equally important for you to live in the house, actually some are more important than others, now, Obama has some people that are helping him clean out this house, to make it livable, but he also has people that are working against him, and stuffing more shit into the house as he cleans it out, he is making progress, but not as fast as some may like, and hehas to put some of the roms aside, so he can work on the main rooms, and the foundation, or the house WILL FALL.

    I understand that it sucks living in a nursing home, and I wish that nobody has to endure that, I may have never lived in a nursing home, but I did work in them a long time ago, and I got into alot of trouble for trying to buck THEIR system of doing things and trying to make the residents lives a little better, to the point of loosing a couple of jobs for reporting improprieties, I eventually had to stop working in nursing homes because I could not continue to see the thing that I was seeing.

    you think I am heartless, but I am not, I just see a bigger picture, and can understand why things are the way tey are RIGHT NOW TODAY, I agree that past administrations dropped the ball on CCA/MiCassa, and they deserve to be put down for that. but I do NOT feel that Obama shoud be catching the shit he is catching, nor should people be LYING about the things he has said, just because he did not tell them what THEY WANTED TO HEAR.

    I hope this clears up my position on things, andI also hope you will accpet my apology for attacking/abusing you, that truly was not my intention. my intenetion was to show that the job market is for shit and needs to take presidence over ANYTHING else except maybe the usless wars we are currently involved in.

  • Obama isn't pushing any jobs legislation right now. He IS pushing health care reform, estimated to cost over 1000 billion (1 trillion). CCA costs $5 billion, and the savings will pay for itself in the long run, as well as create millions of new attendant jobs. WHY NOT ATTACH CCA TO THE HEALTH REFORM BILL?

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    I did the action alert on that that went out, I have no idea why they will not attach it for a test run a few states, I am not a legislator, and as for him pushing jobs, from what I have read, and heard on the news, that is one of the things he has been trying to do for a long time, maybe not the best way, but he is TRYING to save jobs, and create new ones

  • Ok, I get your position. Why not comment on some of my other posts? This one is pretty much toast.

    <img src=”http://images.encyclopediadramatica.com/images/thumb/2/2d/BeatDeadHorse.gif/180px-BeatDeadHorse.gif”>

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    it only gave me a part of it, plz type it out for me, and I will

  • huh?

  • For my newer posts http://www.nickscrusade.org/

  • Da ADAPTer Dat Gott Da Boott

    The link worked that time…..

    I will comment on the slave labor that built the capitol…..

    Slavery was wrong, but it DID NOT START with the africans, it started back with Indentured Servitute, advanced into the indian nations, and then the africans (who by the way were SOLD BY THEIR OWN PEOPLE TO THE WHITE MAN. di I tink we owe african americans an apology? yes, but that is as far as it goes, african americans TODAY hav ethe SAME oprotunities that I do, AND MORE!!!
    they have th ability to get an education and learn english, byt they wanna AX a question, WTF?!?!?! AN AX IS USED TO CHOP DOWN A TREE WHERE I COME FROM!!!!

    ANd what i theis shit of having ur pants down around the cheeks of ur ass, let me tell ya what, all you have to do is cut a slit in ur underwear, and you would be looking just like the punk ass FAGs in the prison system, they wear their stuff like that for easy access so they do not get caught getting F***ED in the ass, is that what the gang bangers want????

    now, back to the apology, if we apologise to the African Americans, then we SHOULD GIVE AMERICA BACK TO THE NATIVE AMERICANS from whome we STOLE IT.

    if you are going to talk about slavery, talk about i all, not just BLACK SLAVERY. bcause there is a HELL OF ALOT MORE TO THE STORY!!!!!

  • You should comment that on the slavery post itself, not on this post

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