Tech guy on House Committee Hearing on “it’s like watching my 1-year-old argue with my cat”

Two Deeper Issues to Consider So, I’m a little behind the curve on this one, as it happened in the late morning of October 24th and has been blogged and tumbl’d and tweeted about a bajillion times and now is a week old and largely forgotten… but that’s all right, since my blogging is all … Continue reading “Tech guy on House Committee Hearing on “it’s like watching my 1-year-old argue with my cat””

Four Recent Discoveries Show the “Theoretically Impossible” May Be Possible!

Anyone noticed the flurry of theoretically impossible discoveries scientists have recently made? Science seems to be increasingly uncovering the impossible is, in fact, very possible! It’s clear to me that the sum of human knowledge is like a thimble in a sea of what we don’t know, and we’re finding more new questions than answers. … Continue reading “Four Recent Discoveries Show the “Theoretically Impossible” May Be Possible!”

Eighth “Nick’s Crusade” Video Blog: Have Humidifier, Will Travel

Eighth “Nick’s Crusade” Video Blog from Alejandra Ospina on Vimeo. No, You CAN Mount A Humidifier On A Wheelchair. Have humidifier, will travel. Featuring photos with my mom from our 1999 visit to NYC (I was 17) and cameos from the O RLY and YA RLY owls!

My Virtual Seminar

Last Saturday I gave my advocacy seminar I’ve given all over the country, in Second Life (SL). You can view the PowerPoint and read the full transcript of the event here:Grassroots Advocacy in Second Life: Namav Abramovic (Nick Dupree) Also check out Aldon’s blog, where he juxtaposes my speech with a recent Obama speech. It … Continue reading “My Virtual Seminar”

Helping People in the Virtual World

In Second Life, my “avatar” is Namav Abramovic. I’m involved in several projects. Heron Sanctuary (and Namav) are already getting some ink in the Second Life blogosphere. Medicaid reform activist Namav Abramovic read about people with disabilities using Second Life in the Washington Post, and logged in for the first time on October 20, 2007. … Continue reading “Helping People in the Virtual World”

Where have I been?

Well, I’ve been alive, just distracted from blogging. In October, my computer died, and I spent nearly three weeks on mom’s old PC unable to run applications heavier than Firefox. I made the best of the situation and did a lot of reading, especially about Second Life, a 3d virtual community. What especially caught my … Continue reading “Where have I been?”

Why You Should Boycott Microsoft Vista

Why You Should Boycott Microsoft Vista just put out a review of Microsoft’s new Operating System: Hey, Windows Vista Is Pretty Good. But from my good friend Y-Love, I bring you the reason everyone should boycott this newfangled software: Microsoft is doing evil $#!t to ppl. Especially IT ppl and tech employed ppl. So … Continue reading “Why You Should Boycott Microsoft Vista”