Recommended Seasonal Fruits for Autumn

I’m a bit late on this one… the holiday season’s crowding in on us, and soon people will consider it winter instead of fall, but I want to cover this anyway since few know there are autumn seasonal fruits. The source for this, primarily, is the list 19 Seasonal Fruits and Veggies to Eat … Continue reading “Recommended Seasonal Fruits for Autumn”

Exciting Stuff Happening Over At

Today, Thursday the 13th of January, 2011, I’ve begun posting Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders vs. Zombies with the first, 5-page Introductory chapter up.  At least one new page will be uploaded every Tues and Thurs. Summary: It’s 1898, and a Zombie Apocalypse has hit the tri-state area hard. Theodore Roosevelt is New York’s only … Continue reading “Exciting Stuff Happening Over At”

I’m Bringing Super Back

I’m not dead, and neither is Superdude. I’m bringing Superdude, my childhood comic book creation, back, and depicting anew his adventures, with the latest computer technology. It’s a sight to see, and you can get a sneak peek here: Superdude Returns: Fall of a Hero An elderly Superdude recalls his final battle with Devilish Dave. … Continue reading “I’m Bringing Super Back”