Collected: The Key Must-Read Posts about Health Care

This blog is a safe space, where I highlight unreported and under-reported issues affecting people with disabilities, other underrepresented groups, and the human family as a whole. The goals of the Nick’s Crusade blog are:

  • to give the overlooked policy debates that affect real lives a long, hard look
  • to explain the hodgepodge of ideas and backstories that animate these policy contests and the mishmash of systems and non-systems we live with
  • to question and think deeply about these underpinning ideas, histories, and cultures
  • to ask the right questions.  For example, does the medical and social safety net work for the most vulnerable populations (high-need, medically complex children on “life support” before and after adulthood)?
  • to illuminate the unseen issues facing us ignored vulnerable groups, use my first-hand knowledge of our dysfunctional medical and long-term care structures—as a sometimes successful Medicaid activist and end-user of multiple U.S. states’ buggy long-term care systems—to shed light on some of our society’s worst problems
  • to engage with other bloggers covering similar topics

That is a mission statement of sorts.

The following is a kinda “Best of…” collection of what I have written to further these goals (so far):


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