Nick’s Crusade Statement of Inalienable Rights

Whereas, disability rights activists shouldn’t be stuck in their traditional “silos,” but should be supporting the inalienable human rights of all people,

We affirm:

  • that all humans come from a common ancestor, and thus ALL are our brothers and sisters
  • because of this kinship, and the inherent potential of all to learn, grow and discover…
  • every human is valuable

We all have inalienable rights to honor and preserve this inviolable value.  Inalienable human rights include:

  • the right to learn and develop, and the supports to achieve this
  • the right to prosper from our own talents and labor
  • the right to observe or not observe whatever spiritual practices we choose
  • the right to assemble and protest freely, without seeking prior approval from the state
  • the right to express ideas without penalty
  • the right to associate with and love the people of your choosing
  • the right to choose what goods and services to buy or not buy, and where to get them
  • the right to move freely and access the community without any segregation imposed
  • the right to security of body and property
  • the right to privacy, as innovation is impossible with everything subjected to outside scrutiny and vetted for conformity to existing traditions.

Human rights are not to be abrogated MERELY because of ethnicity, beliefs,, disability, age, wealth, gender or sexuality.


The Community Imperative

Universal Declaration of Human Rights