Diamonds in the Rough ‘n Tumble Webternets: What Med-people of Conscience Are Blogging (Part 4/4)

Part 4 of 4 of the series When Life and Death is “A Matter of Policy” For part 2, I wrote an overview of some of the bad things that have occurred when people in medical settings follow policy strictly even when it leads to horrible consequences, or in the case of Eric Garner, they … Continue reading “Diamonds in the Rough ‘n Tumble Webternets: What Med-people of Conscience Are Blogging (Part 4/4)”

The Coler Chronicles: Collected Bloggings of the Institution Days

Dispatches from Ventboy Alcatraz From inside the walls of the institution, Coler-Goldwater, I continued to create content, to blog, and we added video blogging from the inside. I wrote the following blog posts about the institution, where I lived from August 28, 2008 to September 10, 2009: Hey everyone I almost died again – October 15th, … Continue reading “The Coler Chronicles: Collected Bloggings of the Institution Days”

New news items related to my blog posts, November 2013

Updates on stories I’ve presented As we say goodbye to November, here is a summary of November news items that add to, echo, or relate to, past posts from my blog. 1. Tea Partier fears about being in China’s debt On November 11th, I published an essay on the blog: Beijing’s Marshall Plan for the … Continue reading “New news items related to my blog posts, November 2013”

Insightful Blogging in the Wake of the Gov’t Shutdown

October 2013 Roundup: Acts of Bloggery in the Shutdown’s Wake My picks for the blogosphere’s most valuable insights into the shutdown insanity: Moral lens: The 8 immoral ways the government shutdown is hurting the needy | On Faith – the shutdown inflicted pain on people already struggling and making due on government aid amidst the post-2008 “economic realignment,” … Continue reading “Insightful Blogging in the Wake of the Gov’t Shutdown”

The Path of the Disabled Man

I had originally intended to write this for Blogging Against Disablism Day, BADD, 2012. Obviously I’m WAY late for that, over two days after the deadline. But since I’ve participated in BADD in the past, I said hey, why not?! Maybe BADD readers will still find this post, and may, along with other audiences, find … Continue reading “The Path of the Disabled Man”

Best Of Nick’s Crusade Blog, So Far

I’m happy that some of my blog posts have become particularly well-trafficked resources on the interweb. I’ve often written about historical topics that interest me, and, oddly enough, those posts get more hits than posts about disability, politics and injustice, the main subjects of my Nick’s Crusade Blog. This is a survey of the most … Continue reading “Best Of Nick’s Crusade Blog, So Far”

ADAPT Blogswarm, Fall Action 2009

The ‘swarm has arrived! Bloggers across the globe have united to shine a light on rampant unjust institutionalization and segregation of people with disabilities and ADAPTs Fall Action in Atlanta confronting it! On Disability Unity NextStep blog WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER Finding My Way: Journey of an Uppity Intellectual Activist Crip Human Rights … Continue reading “ADAPT Blogswarm, Fall Action 2009”

ADAPT Blogswarm, Fall Action 2009 Participants!

I’ve been excited by the response to my call to blog to end institutionalization around the Fall National Action! I’m honored to announce the following blogs will be participating: PhilosopherCrip Announcement post The Roving Activist’s Blog Intro Crippled Under The Law NZ Accessibility The Center for Disability Rights Sanabitur Anima Mea’s Official Disability Rights … Continue reading “ADAPT Blogswarm, Fall Action 2009 Participants!”

Nick And The Not So Happy Hospitalist

I’ve inadvertently stirred up some shit controversy at one of the major medical blogs, Happy Hospitalist (a hospitalist is a relatively new term for a doctor specializing in the care of hospitalized patients). Don’t get me wrong, this story is not black and white; there’s plenty of value in much of what “Happy” writes, I’ve … Continue reading “Nick And The Not So Happy Hospitalist”

Nick’s Crusade Statement of Inalienable Rights

I’ve permanently added the “Nick’s Crusade Statement of Inalienable Rights” to the site, because human rights are the backbone, the underlying premise of everything I post here. It’s a work in progress, so please comment and suggest changes or additions. Nick’s Crusade Statement of Inalienable Rights

Don’t Forget: Blogging Against Disablism Day This Friday!!

Remember, Blogging Against Disablism Day (BADD!) is this Friday, May 1st (though since it is on GMT–Britain–you might want to make your submission late Thursday). Ablism (discrimination based on ability) is one of the dumber forms of injustice. Speaking out against it is the right thing to do. Please blog about ablism/disablism this Friday. Nick

“Why Is Your Blog So Depressing?”

I’ve been asked this many times over the years. The answer is this: I don’t know how to consistently write things that AREN’T about injustice. I’m driven to right the wrongs around the world, like the fire drives a locomotive. I’m, at my core, an activist for social justice; and I run a blog about … Continue reading ““Why Is Your Blog So Depressing?””

Lots Of New Links On The Blog’s Sidebar

Last night I spent lots of time filling up the blog’s sidebar with content. Added: Facebook badge with photo Text explaining the blog Media Coverage of Nick Links to web, newspaper, radio and TV stories about what I’ve done Sites I Read A list of my favorite blogs and news sources, but, unlike many blogrolls, … Continue reading “Lots Of New Links On The Blog’s Sidebar”

Name The Blog

Going Big-Time, Need A New Name This Blog has picked up in activity lately, and I hope to keep it that way, and broaden its audience and its influence. I now publish it on Xanga, MySpace and on And big news: the blog is now featured alongside other lefty blogs at! See it … Continue reading “Name The Blog”