First “Nick’s Crusade” Video Blog: Day 236 in Hospital

Nick’s Crusade Blog – April 21, 2009 from Alejandra Ospina on Vimeo

Transcription (as captioned):

Hello, and welcome to Nick’s Crusade blog. This is a video blog of day 236 here in the hospital. I’m here in the hospital because I’m waiting for community services, and the [Medicaid] waiver that I’m on just seems to add another layer of complexity and bureaucracy, and makes things take longer…

And it’s very frustrating to be stuck in a hospital when the only reason is, you just need services in the community. That’s why it’s so important that we pass the Community Choice Act as soon as possible.

I hope that soon I’ll get out in the community, I’ll get into my apartment with my partner, and that we can continue to advocate for the CCA, and for housing. There are so many people here that don’t need to be here, that are only here because they don’t have housing.

My voice is a little rough with a new trach that I got in August, here in this hospital, but I hope that soon, my normal voice, (which is higher pitched, and a little Southern) will be back.

Keep reading the blog for more updates.

Thank you, and I love you all.

Nick’s Crusade

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