Will Obama Listen to the Disability Community?

Good news…I managed to get my “Medicaid: Why It’s Broken and How To Fix It” post in the hands of Obama’s disability vote director. He sent me an email saying “Got it. Thanks.”

I’m really glad my message got through to the Obama camp (I wish I could get an email to the McCain people too). I hope they listen. I have learned to be skeptical.

I hope Obama implements serious reform like the Community Choice Act. My concern is that, whoever wins the presidency, they will only get some watered-down incremental expansion past the corrupt Congress, and we’ll end up only bloating the system instead of the difficult* structural overhaul that’s so badly needed. Let’s not keep spending to reupholster the Hindenberg. We need to do the hard work and get some real change.

Will Obama listen to the disability community?


* requires breaking the back of numerous corporate special interests, hurting people’s feelings and would risk open revolt from legislators who are sponsored by the Medical Industrial Complex.