Los Colorados cover of Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold”

I don’t like Katy Perry.  She’s another computerized, autotuned pop singer.  And she should she get some sort of penalty, or perma-ban, for actually performing a song called “Ur So Gay” (the actual spelling she used).

But I love this cover of Perry’s “Hot and Cold” by this polka influenced Ukrainian band on YouTube.

It’s funny.  And authentic music by real musicians.  Turning the fake real.

UPDATE 05/03/09: Upon further research, I see that Los Colorados is a rock band, and their series of songs with accordion, polka drum, etc. are something akin to “MTV Unplugged” and not what they normally sound like at all. This is what they typically sound like, solid alt-rock, with good drumming and guitar work.

Mouse polka band
Mouse polka band