Nick’s Crusade Blog Featured On Local Radio WBAI!

My blog posts are making waves! My new blog essay about the affect of the Tea Party and the related drastic benefit changes on people with disabilities was the subject of a roundtable discussion this morning on local WBAI radio’s disability chat show “The Largest Minority.”

You can listen to the radio discussion here.

Sept. 23 “The Largest Minority” on WBAI radio, featuring a reading of my blog essay “Why It’s Time For Survival Politics For People with Disabilities” and a roundtable discussion with cohosts T.K. Small & Lawrence Carter-Long, and guest Josie Byzek, New Mobility magazine

Listen to the discussion. I don’t agree that the shift in social services spending is a temporary problem that will be “all better” after the political pendulum swings back away from the Tea Party agenda.

I’m arguing that society, technology, the economy, and politics are drastically shifting, and Medicare and Medicaid will soon change BIG TIME, so disability community leaders need to get in front of this and negotiate hard for the services we want to preserve most, because a lot of them ARE going away, and we have to get out of denial and start coping and adapting NOW!

More on the important argument I’m making here: The Cost of Denial For People with Disabilities