This Song Has Been Stuck In My Head For Over A Week!

Posted by – August 12, 2009

My other half and I have been playing and singing this ode to anesthesiologists (called anaesthetists in Britain) for over a week now! It’s really a classic parody!

Video available in HD:

My favorite lyrics from the song (sung to the tune of Total Eclipse of the Heart) are:

’cause we sometimes check the screen
and every now and then, we write stuff!
And if we have to intervene,
we inject a bit of white stuff!
And we offer to alter the lights,
or the height of the bed,
or fiddle with the radio, change the CD,
we even check the patient, occasionally!!

And if they move, we turn up the vapor,
and then we go back, to reading the paper!

Hat tip to Dr. Latte at Medical Marginalia for showcasing this hilarious song!

You can also see the Amateur Transplants perform this live here!


  • Oh I love the Amateur Transplants!

    I knew that I know way too much about medicine because I listened to The Drugs Song and can name the indications and purpose for nearly every drug, and have at least a vague idea of the rest. Scary, isn't it?


  • icedlatte

    Only too glad to oblige, Nick!

  • Only too glad to oblige, Nick!