1986 Mobile Press-Register Article: on specialness and surviving

This 1986 Press-Register article about me, Jamie and Mom, especially Jamie, surviving the rare disease, was digitized by my Aunt Nancy in Virginia. Thank you. Mom gave me permission to post this here. It’s so old the newspaper was still called the PRESS-REGISTER! Back then the medical knowledge and approach to mitochondrial myopathies was much … Continue reading “1986 Mobile Press-Register Article: on specialness and surviving”

Recommended Seasonal Fruits for Autumn

I’m a bit late on this one… the holiday season’s crowding in on us, and soon people will consider it winter instead of fall, but I want to cover this anyway since few know there are autumn seasonal fruits. The source for this, primarily, is the Greatist.com list 19 Seasonal Fruits and Veggies to Eat … Continue reading “Recommended Seasonal Fruits for Autumn”

A Summer of Metabolic Disease-related Updates…So Far

Summer 2013 This year from June to present (mid-August) I’ve been deep in the diagnostic jungle, repeatedly going back to Columbia Presbyterian hospital in hopes of answers, a diagnosis, a treatment, anything… and I’ve written a series of long Facebook posts/epic mito updates, trying to make sense of life, the universe and everything as we … Continue reading “A Summer of Metabolic Disease-related Updates…So Far”

Journeys with mitochondrial disease

It’s a new world, and those of us who have rare disorders are able to connect with and advise each other like never before. For me and my brother Jamie, the rare disorder is mitochondrial myopathy, and back in 1985 we were told we were among JUST 24 cases identified worldwide of what was then … Continue reading “Journeys with mitochondrial disease”