The Hawkmen’s Sky City Runs on Radium

and now for something completely different… Depictions of Radioactivity Fears in 1936 Flash Gordon Serial Defining my terms: Up until at least the mid-1950s, newsreels, cartoon shorts like Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry, and this week’s chapter of your favorite movie serials were shown before or between the feature(s)—the full-length movies—and the afternoon at … Continue reading “The Hawkmen’s Sky City Runs on Radium”

Rain Man (1988) and Hollywood’s treatment of disability

Hollywood Images of Disability (CHF EDIT) from salome chasnoff on Vimeo. Everyone interested in disability rights should watch this 18min short “Hollywood Images of Disability,” about Hollywood’s terrible treatment of disability, which is normally depicted as something so deformed, so unspeakably terrifying that disabled characters have to be cured (Heidi, Monkey Shines, Avatar, and zillions … Continue reading “Rain Man (1988) and Hollywood’s treatment of disability”

Review of animated movie “Delgo” (2008)

Delgo Rated PG 89 minutes long I understand why this movie tanked at the box office and recouped the independent production only 700k of 40 million invested, it needed a major script overhaul to edit out about 40 minutes of what feels like filler, tighten the story, cut the ultra-forced comedy, and lighten the heavy … Continue reading “Review of animated movie “Delgo” (2008)”

Donald Duck As A Nazi. Really.

The media was once controlled by the government. During WWII, the Walt Disney Co. was under U.S. government contract for 32 short propaganda films at $4,500 each, which would save the studio after they spent four times their budget on Fantasia, which had pushed them close to bankruptcy. The films did their best to boost … Continue reading “Donald Duck As A Nazi. Really.”

An Inconvenient Blob

Will The Blob Devour Us All? From this charming piece in Slate, Dispatch from Blob Fest: Though Phillips might not have intended The Blob to have a political message, she did accidentally insert an environmental warning, which was reflected in the Blob Fest’s 2007 theme: “An Inconvenient Blob.” I thought it was just an attempt … Continue reading “An Inconvenient Blob”

What The U.S. Can Learn From “Lawrence of Arabia”

In my post, Why did they create the new nation of Iraq? I discussed T.E. Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”) and his vision of the Middle East’s borders after WWI, which would’ve amounted to the Shias getting their own state in the Mesopotamian Basin, a single state for most of the Sunnis of what are now … Continue reading “What The U.S. Can Learn From “Lawrence of Arabia””