OMG! Invasive Species: Asian Carp Confound U.S. System

The Mississippi River watershed a post-aCARPalypse world, the Great Lakes fear Carpmageddon! Verb: zerg (third-person singular simple present zergs, present participle zerging, simple past and past participle zerged) (slang, video games, strategy games) To attack an opponent with a large swarm of units before they have been able to build sufficient defenses. From the game StarCraft (1998), in … Continue reading “OMG! Invasive Species: Asian Carp Confound U.S. System”

Living in Zomerica

How I’ve Changed Since Moving to New York City or… Living in Zomerica I started out and made my name as an activist in Alabama, where the left is deeply influenced by Martin Luther King Jr. I always spoke in the language of Biblical and , sometimes overtly, very much in the tradition of the … Continue reading “Living in Zomerica”

Exciting Stuff Happening Over At

Today, Thursday the 13th of January, 2011, I’ve begun posting Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders vs. Zombies with the first, 5-page Introductory chapter up.  At least one new page will be uploaded every Tues and Thurs. Summary: It’s 1898, and a Zombie Apocalypse has hit the tri-state area hard. Theodore Roosevelt is New York’s only … Continue reading “Exciting Stuff Happening Over At”

Obama’s Blunder: Hiring Too Many Cooks

I like Barack Obama; I voted for him because I wanted a fresh start beyond the stale 1960s debates, Olbermann vs. O’Reilly daily “hot button issue” and endless socialism vs. capitalism rock ‘em-sock ‘em robots that lead us nowhere and accomplish nothing.  We can’t afford that crap in times like these.  And I wanted a serious … Continue reading “Obama’s Blunder: Hiring Too Many Cooks”