Mitt Romney: Can You Help Us, Mr. Fix It? (Part 2)

Continuing my comments on Mitt Romney’s “very ample safety net” statement on CNN; see the first half of my post: Mitt Romney: Can You Help Us, Mr. Fix It? (Part 1)… So, as I said in Part 1, it’s very important to assess presidential candidates in a just and fair manner, and too often the … Continue reading “Mitt Romney: Can You Help Us, Mr. Fix It? (Part 2)”

Mitt Romney: Can You Help Us, Mr. Fix It? (Part 1)

  So, there’s been a dust up over Mitt Romney’s “I’m not concerned about the very poor” comments on CNN.  A lot of the blogosphere is mindlessly blasting this quote sans context, and the TV news even worse, so Team Romney isn’t wrong to protest how this has been “taken out of context.”  Cable news … Continue reading “Mitt Romney: Can You Help Us, Mr. Fix It? (Part 1)”

The Closing Arguments For America’s Future Before The New Hampshire Primary

Just 10 hours after the debate Saturday night sponsored by St. Anselm College and ABC News, there was another debate put on by NBC’s Meet the Press and Facebook. They’re trying to pack in as many debates as possible before the New Hampshire primary Tuesday.  You can watch the Meet the Press Republican Candidates Debate … Continue reading “The Closing Arguments For America’s Future Before The New Hampshire Primary”

Why I Voted For Obama

Today, November 4th is the big General Election in the United States. Last week I mailed in my absentee ballot and voted for Barack Obama for president. Why? Here’s why: While it’s always a bit difficult for me to vote for one of the two dominant parties (whose incompetence, lack of principle or outright corruption … Continue reading “Why I Voted For Obama”

Mitt Romney Confronted by Reality on U.S. Health Care

Wednesday, presidential candidate Mitt Romney was campaigning in a New Hampshire diner. The waitress there has three sick children, and like most regular people, is struggling terribly to get the health care her family needs and is often not able to keep her head above the rising tide of costs. Governor Romney was there telling … Continue reading “Mitt Romney Confronted by Reality on U.S. Health Care”

Nick’s Analysis of the CNN / YouTube Debate

Obama, Richardson, Biden and Kucinich, prior to the CNN / YouTube debate Monday night. The Democratic party has become so rotted out and ineffectual that I watched the CNN / YouTube debate not from a position of sympathy but from the perspective of wanting to see them pinned down and held to account. I want … Continue reading “Nick’s Analysis of the CNN / YouTube Debate”

Politics: "Serious" Candidates?

So Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were caught off-mic after the latest debate saying that they want smaller debates, with more “serious candidates” (read the details). “They’re not serious. They’re not serious,” Edwards said.This whole concept of “serious” and “not serious” candidates and ideas really sticks in my craw. The political elite, the media and … Continue reading “Politics: "Serious" Candidates?”

Candidate Giuliani Visits My City

Guess who showed up in my city today ? Rudy Giuliani. I live in Mobile, AL, Alabama’s second largest city. The Port City. Today Candidate Giuliani showed up here. As far as I know he didn’t meet with any real people, any disability or elderly groups, nor did he visit the parts of the county … Continue reading “Candidate Giuliani Visits My City”

My Thoughts On Hillary

My Thoughts On Hillary Last weekend Hillary Clinton announced she’s running for president. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson also announced. Senator Sam Brownback announced for the Republican side.Barack Obama jumped in last week. Senator Biden and Senator Dodd and Senator McCain got in weeks ago. But about Hillary: Although the hatred of Hillary in the … Continue reading “My Thoughts On Hillary”