Nick Reviews Sturgill Simpson’s “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music”

Been getting to the bottom of the bottom getting to me Holding up the mirror to everything I don’t want to see But it ain’t all flowers Sometimes you gotta feel the thorns And when you play with The Devil you know you gonna get the horns Whah-hooooooo-hooo-hooo! That visceral howl WHAH-HOOO-HOOO-HOOO in the grungy, … Continue reading “Nick Reviews Sturgill Simpson’s “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music””

Why The Doctor Who Series Opener Was Awesome

a bit belated, but… The debut of the new Doctor—episode 8.1: Deep Breath—was great, because… 1. the female Tyrannosaur inadvertently loosed on Victorian London…   CAUTION: Spoilers Ahead 2. Badass lesbian kung fu detectives, one of whom is dino sapiens, in Victorian London. Madame Vastra, actually part of the Silurian or homo reptilia race, an early Eocene … Continue reading “Why The Doctor Who Series Opener Was Awesome”

Nick Reviews Neil Young’s “Freedom”

Neil Young’s 1989 “comeback album” Freedom is probably Neil Young’s best work, and I think it should be considered in the rare category, “best Folk rock albums ever.” Freedom opens with an acoustic performance of “keep on rawkin in the free werld” live in concert (cut from an outdoor set he did at Jones Beach, … Continue reading “Nick Reviews Neil Young’s “Freedom””

Nick Reviews Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”

This album, Random Access Memories, won the Grammy for Album of the Year last month, sold umpteen-bajillion copies/went platinum in an era of “people don’t buy albums,” and hit number one in over 20 countries, and after listening to it I understand why.  It has the mass appeal of Europop/techno-dance, while being way more clever and … Continue reading “Nick Reviews Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories””

Review of animated movie “Delgo” (2008)

Delgo Rated PG 89 minutes long I understand why this movie tanked at the box office and recouped the independent production only 700k of 40 million invested, it needed a major script overhaul to edit out about 40 minutes of what feels like filler, tighten the story, cut the ultra-forced comedy, and lighten the heavy … Continue reading “Review of animated movie “Delgo” (2008)”

What New Fall TV Shows To Avoid (2010)

It’s true. Lots of what’s on TV is just unbearable. Here are some shows to avoid at all costs: Chase – NBC, 10/9central Monday night This show is about a Houston task force of U.S. Marshals who chase the most dangerous, most wanted fugitives in Texas. But unlike most crime dramas, where you’re rooting for … Continue reading “What New Fall TV Shows To Avoid (2010)”

What New Fall TV Shows To Watch (2010)

Newsflash: Some New Fall TV Series Actually Worth Your Time!! Detroit 187 – ABC, 10/9central Tuesday night This new cop show about a unit of homicide detectives in Detroit is really intelligent and immersive. Unlike most hour-long dramas, it really immerses you in an environment, in characters, with the city (Detroit) as a character in … Continue reading “What New Fall TV Shows To Watch (2010)”