Changing The Name Of The New World Trade Center…

Posted by – March 30, 2009

…to “World Trade Center.” Yep, they are reclaiming the old name.

Since I’ll soon be living near the WTC site, I felt obligated to blog about this.  Personally, I don’t really care what they name it (“a rose by any other name…”) but I am interested in the outcry the change has precipitated, and am curious about the whole thing.

View of the new WTC from across the Hudson river

View of the new WTC from across the Hudson river

Rendering of what the new WTC will look like, 2005 redesign

Why did they dump the name “Freedom Tower?”

Here’s my theory: the World Trade Center authorities just announced their first lease (to a group other than the U.S. government). They are selling two floors to the Chinese, to create a Chinese business center.  Problem: no Chinese businessmen could find “Freedom Tower,” because “freedom” is one of the blocked terms on Chinese search engines (if you blog that word in China, it’ll be erased, or “harmonized” by state censors).  In order for it to sell space to Chinese tenants, the building had to have a new name.  That’s what I think happened.


  • Makes sense. I think, however, that dumping the “Freedom” name goes with the Obama-era zeitgeist, doing away with Bush-era nomenclature.

  • What freedom means to me, and what freedom means to Bush, are very different things

  • Cid

    The only proper name for the building is “Doomtower” because it should have remote turrets, lasers, and freshly caught immigrants/middle-calss unemployed ready to be loaded and fired from a diamond encrusted trebuchet. Obviously if another jet is aimed at it they'll need to also include some sort of defense system, but I think it's safe to say no pigeon will dare crap on it when they see the first of their brethren rent asunder by lasers, bullets, and a man in his finest undershirt hurtling through the air with a Ginsu Chef knife whilst singing “You're a grand old flag”.

  • A

    To tell you the truth…the way that whole thing has been treated here, they should just put up some generic looking office building and call it a day. As I recall, we're not allowed to remember such things…or so we've been told here for 8 years.

  • I like the new design. Very futuristic.

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