Eighth “Nick’s Crusade” Video Blog: Have Humidifier, Will Travel

Posted by – June 13, 2009

Eighth “Nick’s Crusade” Video Blog from Alejandra Ospina on Vimeo.

No, You CAN Mount A Humidifier On A Wheelchair. Have humidifier, will travel.

Featuring photos with my mom from our 1999 visit to NYC (I was 17) and cameos from the O RLY and YA RLY owls!

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  • You can be independent and well humidified! For only $19.95 plus shipping…


  • Benjie Belen

    Hopefully battery technology has improved a bit; I remember crossing my fingers and running around trying to find a restaurant to plug into, and everything was timed to that 7-segment LED meter. I recall that the best thing was that the buses all had wheelchair lifts built right in. Otherwise, a little bungee, some straps, and you're good to go! — Benjie

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