George W. Bush’s Health Care Plan

Posted by – August 10, 2007

“People have access to health care in America. After all, just go to an emergency room.” — President Bush

That’s what Bush said (as an aside) at a recent event where he discussed why he is going to veto a funding boost for the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP).

Basically he said the “federalization of health care” is evil and that he’ll man the ramparts to defend against any expansion of government health care.

His alternative? Tax deductions! then everyone can buy their own health care!

Brilliant! The average worker, the
grocery-bagger who needs chemotherapy will be so glad to get back his $10 in taxes!

Giuliani also plugged this approach in the recent Iowa debate. Like most conservative proposals it may help rich donors, but not most of the population.

Video of Bush’s remarks on health care (8 minutes, if you can stomach it).

  • I.M. Small


    To watch the baby sicken, die
    Because there was no money
    Nor healthcare access, makes me cry
    Nor do I find it funny
    That to the bourgeoisie-elite meant
    Seeking “emergency room” treatment.

    It wasn´t very much a tonic
    For illness that she had,
    As was severe, but also chronic,
    And our rulers are glad
    To make their jokes about the poor
    Though we soon huddle by their door.

    I was not always poor, you know:
    My company provided
    Insurance benefits, but so
    With profit it collided
    To subsidize in the US
    What could be done abroad for less.

    The corporation, on its board
    Has several politicians,
    As premium services afford,
    Yet voicing their suspicions
    That people, we the working poor
    Abuse and merely ask for more.

    The only recourse that I have
    To influence the game
    Is voting, disenfranchised slave
    Not yet though just the same
    As we proceed toward penury
    There seems not too much hope for me.

    It was destruction overseas
    (My boy was in the army)
    Wreaked havoc on our enemies
    So-called–what does alarm me
    Is now the forces of destruction
    Proceed at home, wholesale induction.

    It is a kind of servitude
    En masse toward which we aim,
    Which, in a country once called good
    Seems but a cryin´ shame–
    Those countrymen as know their right
    (Or right from wrong) yet do not fight.

    The surest weapon is my vote–
    Whichever candidate
    Seems likely to endorse, promote
    Before it is too late
    A comprehensive healthcare program
    I´ll take before some purple sorghum.

    So many spout vague platitudes
    But few have done the work:
    I´ll vote by judgement, not by mood;
    For substance, not some jerk
    Promoted by some media czar
    Who says they are “most popular.”

    It is a dog-race–let them fight
    For every vote, and offer
    Substantial change, not just the sight
    Of millions in their coffer–
    Healthcare and also for our boys
    In service more than hollow noise.