Glenn Beck, in Criticizing Sotomayor, Says Empathy Is BAD, and Cites Bad Misunderstanding of Hebrew Bible

Posted by – May 28, 2009

Glenn Beck is stupid.

Glenn Beck is stupid.

Several weeks ago, I slapped down an idiotic routine from Beck, and now, he’s at it again.

This time, he’s making outrageous comments and going completely off the rails about new Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

The rallying cry of the Republicans against Obama’s nominations has been “EMPATHY IS BAD!!!”   This from the same group that spent the last three decades beating us over the head with their holy book that commands love and empathy.  They don’t want empathetic judges! They want automatons that will apply the LETTER OF THE LAW without “gay” things like “feelings” or “considering the situation.” And if you break away from this particular party line, you’re THE ENEMY, on par with Hitler.

Beck cites Hitler example to state that “empathy leads you to very bad decisions”

Right, Glenn, when I think of empathy, the first person that comes to mind is HITLER.

Glenn suggests that Hitler’s extermination program to cull people with disabilities (he calls it out by name, Action T-4) was borne of empathy, and thus no judge with empathy should be on the bench.

Hitler’s euthanasia program had nothing to do with “mercy” or “ending suffering,” and everything to do with their sicko “racial hygiene” policies to achieve a “pure” master race.  The notion that the Nazis were “empathetic”–does he think there’s something warm and fuzzy about old Adolf?–puts Mr. Beck decidedly aboard the Crazy Train.

Beck has focused his show lately on beating the drum against empathy.  In a very unfortunate move, he mocked people wanting diversity in our system, joking, “we need a blind, deaf, handicapped Asian woman!” for the Supreme Court (source). He just has to continue his tradition of mocking disability.

And he really misunderstood the Hebrew Bible.  He tried to make a point, and really failed. Dude, you’re doing it wrong.

YES, King Shlomo was empathetic! Because he knew that by pretending to expose the baby to danger, the real mother would reveal herself, and the dispute would be settled. Come on. Someone who recovered from alcoholism through Mormonism should know a lot more about the Bible than that.

  • Am I the only one who who thinks Glenn Beck is actually, medically crazy?

  • Tammy

    What an effing lunatic. And yes, that's my professional opinion.

  • Guys like that Beck dude only have empathy for banks, military contractors and anything that promotes the oil industry.

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  • I may be missing great straw man material, but I must confess I pay no attention to GOP shills. There are plenty of intelligent Republican s outside the corporate press to present alternative arguments to progressive policy without indulging in the cheap manipulative games of the Hateocracy… several of them voted for President Obama and feel abandoned by the carnival tent shamanism that dominates the American Taliban.

  • someone needs to point out the lunacy and anti-disability comments

  • Greta

    Wow, most of you people are dumber than the girls in the Miss Teen USA pagents. If you actually listened to his show on occasion you would understand that Glenn Beck uses this thing called sarcasm and another literary devise called farse. You would also know that he is not Republican, and actually leans more towards a Libertarian point of view. But you sheep probably don't understand the difference because clearly you take other people's faulty opinions as the gospel truth.

    I dissagree with Glenn Beck on a regular basis, but I listen to his show so that I can hear other viewpoints besides my own and expand my reality beyond my own experiences. Maybe some of you should do the same.

  • Greta

    P.S. the empathy thing Beck talks about with the holocaust refers to the so called justification that judges at that time used. The Supreme Court's job is not to legislate, but enforce the laws of this nation…if you want to change the law, then run for Congress or Senate.

  • You're assuming I don't listen to other viewpoints: false. I read Gingrich, Brooks, even Limbaugh on occasion.

    In his opposition to Sotomayor and his opinion that empathy disqualifies you from the bench, Mr. Beck was NOT being farcical or satirical. He was serious, and his arguments are faulty. Don't insult our intelligence with this “he's just kidding” crap.

  • The T-4 program was not imposed by judges; that's a total falsehood. It was ordered, in writing, by Hitler himself, and those records are readily available.

    Also, Beck is consistently confusing “empathy” with “sympathy.” Empathizing is not feeling bad for someone like Beck is saying, it is an ability to relate to the experiences of someone (i.e. having walked a mile in their shoes). This was something Clarence Thomas touted about himself during his confirmation hearings; where were the right-wing wolves then?

  • Deciding law when there's vagueness in the text or new technology creates new constitutional problems (“is wiretapping unlawful search and seizure under the 4th amendment?”) is not “legislating from the bench,” it's a basic function of the judicial branch, and conservatives only hate it when law is decided that they don't like.