My First Ever Victory at Civilization 4!

Posted by – July 12, 2007

This deserved a post.

I’ve been obsessively playing Civilization 4 for nearly two years. I’ve never won a game before; this (and my obsessive, stubborn nature) is why I keep playing.

Usually I fall behind in technology, or have an inferior military because I spend time building infrastructure, and get left in the dust on the scoreboard, or crushed by enemy civilizations.

But tonight, I WON!

I played as the Romans. I capitalized on my penchant for building cultural wonders, and managed to beat back the inevitable invaders just long enough to eke out a CULTURAL VICTORY! You achieve Cultural Victory when three of your cities reach a “Legendary” cultural score (over 20,000). It’s hard enough to hit 20k with one city, but achieving 20k in three is very difficult. I piled wonders into Rome, Milan and, finally, Messina. Deploying a Great Artist to Messina finally put me over the top.

Screenshot of my game at the end

Pretty Cultural Victory graphic




  • Anonymous

    I’ve never played this. Looks fun! All hail Caesar.

    – bridgett

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! I’ve been slogging away at that game since it came out as well, and haven’t triumphed yet. I’ve had pretty much the same experiences that you have described – I don’t crank out enough military units early on. My particular bugaboo is over-emphasizing technology advances.

    What difficulty level were you playing at?

    Woohoo and a hoody hoo on top!


  • –mf

    I am utterly addicted to Civ IV.

    My secret pleasure. I play a HUGE temperate, eroded lakeland world, 6 other random Civs at Chieftain level difficulty and roaming bandits.

    There’s nothing like Civilization… and this new edition is more complex than ever!

    Rock on, Nick!

    — Tony B.

  • Eliyahu