Please Stand By

Posted by – September 18, 2009

Image of Nick sleeping in his new room, shared with permission

On September 10, 2009, Nick Dupree was able to leave the rehab hospital in New York City where he had been living for approx. 378 days after moving from Mobile Alabama (well after his previous crusade), while waiting to get services and supports established to live in the community.

It’s a wait that’s shorter than many others, but longer than he’d expected or hoped would be the case. Luckily he is now home, and working on next steps, next battles to be fought.

To all those listening, supporting, and watching along the way, he gives thanks. He’ll continue to write and fight about things that are just and unjust as he adjusts to a new standard of living.

After he catches up on some sleep.

For the collected bloggings of the institution days, see: The Coler Chronicles

  • FisCon

    Sleep fast, my friend, sleep fast!

  • Hey Nick, great to see that you're finally where you want to be. Good luck on that next step, whatever it ends up being!

  • Tovah

    Mazel tov, Nick. L'shanah tovah to you and yours. Enjoy a new year in a new home.

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  • MSandy

    Calm before the storm…A storm named Nick that fights to give a good cleansing to things that need cleaning. Rest well, my friend…then “Go Get Em” !!!
    You fight for many !

  • He now, apparently, refers to himself in the third-person. ;-P

    (or Aleja wrote it.)

  • superaleja

    Posted by superaleja – September 18, 2009

    You are correct, sir.

  • L'shanah tovah to you Nick and welcome home. So glad you see you sleeping peacefully.


  • you know who


    Wittew Nickie all tucked in

  • ADAPT focuses on policy more than individual cases, so getting me transferred to the community was accomplished largely by Alejandra and I fighting alone…

  • douglascarmichael

    And a little support from the team 🙂

  • douglascarmichael

    And a little support from the team 🙂

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