The Purpose of This Blog

Posted by – August 9, 2007

Let’s revisit the whole point I’m aiming for with this blog.

These quotes from Paul Wellstone sum it up well.

“Politics is not about power. Politics is not about money. Politics is not about winning for the sake of winning. Politics is about the improvement of people’s lives. It’s about advancing the cause of peace and justice in our country and the world. Politics is about doing well for the people.”

“I think the prophetic tradition of our faith is that to love G-d is to love justice.” (speaking of Judaism)

“We can remake the world daily.”


  • bridgett

    I miss Paul and Sheila a lot. When I lived in Iowa, I got to see a lot of them (particularly during Bill Bradley’s campaign) and they were genuinely good people.

  • Nick

    they are deeply missed!
    imagine what he could’ve achieved!

  • bridgett

    You know, I talked to him about his larger “plan” and he wasn’t ever — despite a lot of encouragement from people like me– going to run for the Presidency. He had a really lousy back (a legacy of being a wrestler) and he did everything he did in considerable pain. He had reluctantly concluded that he was not going to be physically able to do a national campaign and win without doing stuff he didn’t want to do (like take a lot of drugs). He also really could not put his family through the wringer. So that wouldn’t have been in the cards.

    However, his constituents loved him and I could see him growing very powerful as he got more and more senior in the Senate.