Update: Medicaid Trying To Cut Us Off…Again

Posted by – April 29, 2007

To the guys who want to slash Medicaid funding even more, take this story and eat it.

Alabama Medicaid called Friday, they want to terminate our waiver…. Basically, we’re too expensive to keep alive.

They will discuss this more in May. They say the program is just too expensive.


But then again they claimed the same thing in 2003 right before I “won.”

Who knows what will happen…. We begged them to just ship us to another state, but nothing is certain now except that my level of frustration and outright fear is at an all-time high (and that’s saying a lot).

My family is in danger.

Alabama doesn’t want us.

I’m so sick of fighting.

I’m so tired.


  • Sharon Cobb

    Who do I need to contact to stop this from happening?
    You know I’m here for you.

  • bridgett

    Holy sh..wait, is this a PG-13 blog? Insupportable. So am I to understand that they plan to eliminate SAIL entirely or just your waiver and that of your brother? Either way, double plus ungood.

    May is tomorrow. Who is doing this discussing (which sounds more like telling after the fact than an actual conversation between interested parties)? Who is at the table on this? And where is the pressure point in your particular state, the persons or agencies to be flipped so as to make the crawly things blink when sunshine gets under their rocks?