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How Can the U.S. Constitutional System Cope When Big Fracking Bucks mean Big Toxin Dumping?

With New Forms of Toxic Waste from the Fracking Bonanza Piling Up, What Must Be Done? I really like the PBS documentary mini-series Constitution USA, because it brings forward the constitutional arguments that are so relevant … More

“No bribe?” [the Congressman] said, “why am I taking this meeting?!”

If you haven’t heard last year’s Planet Money on campaign fundraising (I refer to this as campaign bribetributions, a hybrid of campaign contributions and blatant bribery) then you should: Planet Money wrote: [The Congressman] said, “I … More

Boardwalk Empire, Corruption, And Incentives For Public Servants

Like described by Abby Jean on the Feminists with Disabilities blog recently, I’m obsessed with public policy. It’s true. I am a policy wonk. I am endlessly interested in it. I read about it, think about … More

Republican Revolution II: Electric Bugaloo

Terrifyingly far-right candidate Carl Paladino crushed state GOP-endorsed Rick Lazio Tuesday night and won the Republican nomination for Governor, meaning he will go head-to-head against Democratic nominee Andrew Cuomo for Governor of New York in the … More