My First Poem / Song In Five Years

Posted by – May 19, 2008

Nothing’s Gained Without Loss

Take me.
Take me to the indigo
Shut off
shut off the radio
endless in my brain
show me the light
that isn’t an oncoming train

Nothing’s gained without loss
I understand the rain
drop can’t create without
losing its shape
on the grass-tips.

Strip it
all away soon
lose it
shed my cocoon
without a trace
I have faith
and uncovered face

Change me!
Create again.

  • Alejandra

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • sking789

    I liked that.

  • Tanya

    Very pretty Nick…but SO sad…

  • Sharon Cobb

    Your spirit, heart and soul are still needed on this planet in this time.
    Your work has only begun.

    When Barack is elected, I see a place for you working with him on health care and I know someone (and so do you) who can put you in touch with him when that happens.

    Hang in there,
    With much love and respect,