No "Personal Responsibility" For Corporations?

Justices Shield Medical Devices From Lawsuits

Ok, basically, thanks to this Supreme Court ruling, corporations can make products that kill your mom, and can do this with total impunity and have no “Personal Responsibility” whatsoever. They are invincible. You have no recourse as long as the product was rubberstamped by the all-too-fallible, all-too-bribable FDA.

Of course, it would reduce costs tremendously if we banned all product liability lawsuits entirely, but we do not want to live in a society where no one is responsible for their actions.

If my faulty load-bearing wall collapses and kills your mom, you would sue me, right?

Why is it right to sue me over my faulty wall, but impossible to sue me for my faulty medical device?

Why do medical corporations get this level of favoritism? Is it because they bribe everyone like crazy?

Politicians love to scream “personal responsibility,” but this does not apply to corporations, apparently. This is just more tyranny, more special rights for corporations that citizens do not have. I am not pleased.