"Are We Rome?" Part I: Cullen Murphy

“Are We Rome?” the book, by Cullen Murphy

If you didn’t catch it, this is the video of Stephen Colbert interviewing Cullen Murphy, author of the new book “Are We Rome?” Stephen comes out in full centurion armor, with an American flag cape, which is hilarious, and the interview is fascinating.

It is great someone has devoted a book to dissecting these parallels. “Are We Rome?” Cullen Murphy says yes and no.

We have some of the same strengths as Rome. We’re the greatest, biggest, wealthiest Empire since Rome. Our military is unrivaled.

And we face some similar challenges.

Murphy mentions:

  • We’re overextended and trying to hold a gigantic Empire which we don’t have a large enough military to hold, while simultaneously we can’t afford the huge military we have.
  • The government is for sale to the highest bidder, and everything is becoming increasingly privatized. Everything is the private sector, and controlled by a corrupt oligarchy.
  • We are increasingly relying on mercenaries who could turn against us.

What do you think?