Why You Should Boycott Microsoft Vista

Why You Should Boycott Microsoft Vista

Slate.com just put out a review of Microsoft’s new Operating System: Hey, Windows Vista Is Pretty Good.

But from my good friend Y-Love, I bring you the reason everyone should boycott this newfangled software:

Microsoft is doing evil $#!t to ppl. Especially IT ppl and tech employed ppl.

So my company needs a whole bunch of licenses for software for company xpansion.

So it doesn’t pay to just buy a whole bunch of software.

But, in order to upgrade to the 2003 version you have to buy the full (unstable) 2007 version, and then buy the media for the 2003 version (at a v. small cost comparably).

Then you upgrade to 2003, then to 2007 whenever you want, at a fraction of the cost of buying the 2007 software. Gravy, no?


B/c you have to buy upgrade protection (Software Assurance) which insures that in case of new software, you don’t have to upgrade, it’s included in your license.

This has to be purchased PER user and is good for 2 years.

2 years from the version you buy.

SO if you install 2007, then DOWNGRADE to 2003, your assurance is good until…….

……..2005, i.e., only good for the 2007 version you had to buy anyway.

I f**king hate these ppl’s actions.

Microsoft is so powerful they can essentially extract crushing protection money from small businesses and leave them no recourse. It’s so morally wrong.

Boycott Vista!