Global Warming

How Can Anyone Not See It?

We’re digging up fossil fuels and pumping them into the air like never before, and the government still denies mass carbon emissions are causing global warming. All the smog that’s increasing children’s allergies and asthma worldwide on a scale heretofor unimaginable, is being ignored.

I just clicked on Yahoo News, and this is what I saw:

Arctic ice melting rapidly, study says

Two new NASA studies are saying the Arctic sea ice is melting far faster than has ever been seen in history, “a new and alarming trend that researchers say threatens the ocean’s delicate ecosystem.”

This is real science by real scientists.

And I saw this:

Europe’s extreme summer weather to be norm – study

This is about a new study in the prestigious science journal Nature that says Europe’s recent heat waves and flooding will become the norm.

As a result, central and eastern Europe will suffer a “positive feedback mechanism” — in essence, a vicious circle in which higher temperatures cause the soil to evaporate more and vegetation to breathe out more moisture.

In damp regions, more airborne moisture and warm air help to fuel the precipitation cycle, causing more and more rainfall and thus boosting the risk of flooding.

This is solid science.

And then I saw this:

China’s Next Big Boom Could Be the Foul Air

A recent study by a Chinese research institute found that 400,000 people die prematurely every year in China from diseases linked to air pollution.

Nor does China’s air pollution respect borders: on certain days almost 25 percent of the particulate matter clotting the skies above Los Angeles can be traced to China, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Environmental experts in California predict that China could eventually account for roughly a third of the state’s air pollution.

This is a serious, serious crisis here.

To be fair, the Earth has handled much more carbon in the past, from huge volcanic eruptions. Three times in Earth’s history, the last one 640,000 years ago, nearly the entirety of Yellowstone National Park went up in the “Yellowstone Super Volcano” which caused a myriad of species to die off and the climate to drastically change, but Earth is still here. Of course, human beings didn’t exist then. Today, humanity covers the globe and we are precariously dependant on a sensitive ecosystem. While the carbon we’re producing today is just a fraction of a percent of a catastrophic volcanic event, humans are so overpopulated and so reliant on the Earth’s climatic balance, as well as clean air and water, we cannot afford to accrue more and more micro volcanoes in our atmosphere each day. We cannot afford to monkey with Earth’s thermostat.

More and more Americans are realizing this, especially since Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth has been in theaters, and are speaking up that we need to be good stewards of our environment. Even Pat Robertson now says he believes. As does Bush Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

So when will we get a government concensus not beholden to the fossil fuel industry who will believe, and do something about it? Not until the White House is beachfront property? lol!!


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