Nick Produces Podcast Tackling Bush’s Health Care Plan

A few weeks back I produced an episode of the Best of the Left podcast tackling (well, shredding) Bush’s health care plan.

The Best of the Left podcast is a podcast I found on iTunes, produced by a user named Jay. It’s a (usually weekly) compilation of left-wing radio. Like a highlight reel.

Sometimes another user guest produces an episode of the show.

I guest produced an episode on Bush’s health care plan.

I hijacked another man’s podcast 😀

Jay just does the intro and a really gracious thanks in the outro. Thanks man.

You can listen to my episode here:
The Whole Health Care Debacle

The segments are as follows:
1) Al Franken plays Bush’s explanation of the plan from his State of the Union and puzzles over it.
2) Steven Colbert gives you the plan in a nutshell. lol…
3) On NPR’s On Point, a great author on health care breaks down what the problem is with health care historically (Bush doesn’t address the issue). This is a great analysis with rare clarity and credibility.
4) SEIU Chair Andy Stern gives the worker’s take on The Rachel Maddow Show.
5) Columnist Paul Krugman analyzes the plan on The Sam Seder Show.
6) Nick Dupree on NPR’s All Things Considered. February 2003. You can also listen to this independent of the podcast here.
7) The Martin Luther King Speech discussed as a response to Bush in this past blog. The crux of the matter: making war robs resources from the needy.

This was a fun episode to produce, and if you need to get a detailed, multi-faceted analysis of Bush’s health care proposal, you’ll appreciate this 45-minute program.

Check it out.

We live in a fantastic new age of information sharing and collaboration. Podcasts are a great new format for shows (and you don’t need an iPod to play them).