Of Continents and Subcontinents (animation by Nick)

I whipped up this simple, amateur animation to make a point.

India and Europe are roughly the same land area, but India is considered a subcontinent. Why is Arabia dubbed a “peninsula” and not a subcontinent? These are all pretty arbitrary designations based on little but cultural history.

We forget that about 40% of humanity are either Chinese or Indian. That’s 2 out of 5 humans on Earth.

We don’t get much information on the bulk of our brethren.

We barely know anything about them.

We don’t hear that millions of Muslims have lived in relative peace for centuries in India and China, we just hear what a “threat” Islam is, how they are all “savages.”

We don’t understand China, even as they emerge as a hegemon.

I myself don’t know about the dozens of languages in India and how they communicate.

You can begin to scratch the surface here:

Wikipedia – India

Wikipedia – China

We gotta remember we are all ONE. From above there are no borders, no nations, no anthems. From above there is only a beautiful green planet, and what the dominant species on her chooses to be.