Second “Nick’s Crusade” Video Blog: ADAPT Action and the Olmstead Decision

Transcription (as captioned):

This is Nick, of Nick’s Crusade blog. This is day 243 of me being in an institution in this lovely blue hospital gown. Right now, ADAPT activists are protesting in Washington, DC to end unnecessary institutionalization, like I’m experiencing, and making care available in the community.

10 years ago, there was a lawsuit that went to the Supreme Court about two women, Lois and Elaine, who, for no apparent reason, just because they had mild disabilities, were stuck an institution in Georgia. The Supreme Court ruled 10 years ago that under the Americans with Disabilities Act, unnecessarily institutionalizing people is illegal, and that we deserve, and have a right to, our services in the most integrated setting. So this case, this Olmstead decision, got Lois and Elaine out of the institution. And right now, Lois is protesting in Washington with ADAPT.

With millions of people still in institutions, when they don’t need to be, the promise of Olmstead has been a lie. The states have not implemented Olmstead, and it’s ridiculous. It’s time for a change.

Yesterday, the ADAPT activists met with the president’s health-care “czar,” and this “czar” said that they don’t have time to change institutional bias in their health care reform package this year. In response, ADAPT activists chained themselves to the White House fence, and 91 of them got arrested.

We have to fight back. It’s time to fight back against administrations that don’t keep their promises, against states that break the promises.

It’s time to fight back, time to support ADAPT, it’s time for the Community Choice Act – NOW!


Justice delayed is justice denied. Implement the Olmstead decision, include the CCA in health care reform NOW!