The Best Of Nick’s Blog 2006

The Best Of Nick’s Blog 2006

Some favorites from my blogging for 2006…

Governor Riley Refuses Federal Funding For Home Care
My editorial on Alabama Medicaid’s institutional bias, and their resistance to do the right thing, even refusing federal help.

Nick Gets Religion
I explain what I’ve come to believe, and break down the Jewish idea of monotheism, its history and why it makes sense to me.

Religion Exists To Save The World
I lay out my views on the purpose of religion, which is the total transformation and elevation of the physical world into a perfect spiritual state, and how this must change our politics and our world, as the Jesuits put it “create G-d’s Kingdom on Earth.” And scripture does rule out right-wing individualist ideologies, which I explain here.

HaShem, Torah and The 613 Mitzvos
I delve into the significance of the Torah’s 613 commandments.

A Divided Nation, But Not Like You Think
Here I tackle the issue of Right vs. Left. It’s hard to boil it down, but I assert here that the divide isn’t right vs. left, Torah holds to no such spectrum, but the divide is humane vs. inhumane, and too often this country is far off into savage territory.

Nick’s Torah Commentary: The Death of Aaron
My commentary on the portion of the book of Numbers dealing with the Death of Aaron.

The Religion Century
The 21st century will be defined by a religious fervor gripping the globe, in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. I tell you why.

Just Gimme Some Truth
I explain why Rick Santorum and our Iraq policy is dishonest and wrong, and lay out Galbraith’s plan for success in Iraq.

Compromise On Torture
I explain why it’s wrong America has discarded the separation of powers to torture, why torture is wrong and how wrong it is we’ve reached the moral abyss where we actually have to explain to people why torture is wrong.

If you’ve not yet read my best work, check it out. 🙂


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