Why The Global Shortage of Good Leaders?

There is a very disturbing worldwide trend going on.

In 1957 our president was Eisenhower and Israel’s PM was David Ben-Gurion. Say what you will about them, but they were competent. They weren’t bumblers or fools.

In 2007 Israel is headed by the failed mayor of Jerusalem and the U.S. is run by the Clown Car Administration. The Bushies could hardly govern their way out of a paper bag, much less effectively manage the myriad of complex crises we’re facing.

And this isn’t just an issue for the U.S. and its allies. There is a worldwide crisis of leadership now.

Europe has largely been led by various ineffective center-left or center-right coalitions that haven’t led their countries to greatness (i.e. where’s your cure for cancer, bitches? where’s your extraterrestrial colonization?)

Asia and Africa are largely ruled by regimes similar to that Uzbekistan dictator who boils dissidents alive. Russia is going fascist. Where is Iraq’s Thomas Jefferson? Al-Maliki was the best they could do?

This is a real down stroke, a moment of malaise (or outright malevolence) in history.

There have been countless periods like this throughout human history, but rarely in my lifetime has it been so noticeable. I’m feeling that Jack Johnson song “Where’d All The Good People Go?”

Where is our Gandhi? Where is our Martin Luther King? Where is our John Adams? Where is our Abraham Lincoln? Where is our FDR? Hell, I’d settle for a solid President Taft at this point.

What is causing this global shortage of competent leaders?

Is it solar flares?

Worldwide conspiracy to erode government and allow more lawlessness and corporate looting?

Global warming? The lack of pirates?

A historical law of diminishing returns? (Jamie’s suggestion)

Is it covert sabotage by time traveling zombies?

What do you think is causing the global shortage of good leaders?

On the horizon I don’t see a lot of hope either. I’ve been following the presidential primaries very closely (I’m fascinated by the issues and the debates) and the reaction the candidates elicit from me range from “ok” to “meh” to “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

But I can still be sold.