Disability Rights Treaty

Historic First Human Rights Treatry of New Millenium

The UN Disability Rights Treaty has been approved! It is the first human rights treaty of the new millenium, and is aimed at protecting the planet’s estimated 650 million disabled people. It bans discriminatory laws and practices, and it is supposed to spur a revolutionary change in the customs of the world’s nations, only 45 of whom have laws protecting their disabled population, and replace the ineffective “welfare and charity” model with solid “rights and freedoms.” It is sorely needed.

But the United States has REFUSED TO SIGN. With our strict “don’t tell me what to do” attitude, it was a miracle the US loosened resistance to the treaty enough to let it pass at all. Ben on MySpace picked up the story from me and did an incredible job covering this outrage.

Check it out.


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Health care and Disability Rights