News, Not News

In A New Segment, I Dissect What The Dumb Media Is And Isn’t Covering

As the recent media blitz surrounding fake Jon Benet murder suspect John Mark Karr has shown us, the mainstream media (MSM) is completely clueless about what IS and ISN’T news. Since everyone is so confused, I’ll give you a breakdown on what news IS and ISN’T. Mostly the MSM isn’t giving you real news, but infotainment, and many important stories that I’m bringing up have not yet even been noticed by the MSM.

News: United States’ debt up to six times larger than expected (story)
Not News: Reporting on John Mark Karr’s inflight menu gave “breaking news” a whole new ironic meaning. Yes, the news is “broken” all right! (story)

News: First Human Rights Treaty of Millenium Approved To Protect Disabled, US Refused (my blog)
Not News: Leader of Polygamist Sect Jailed (story)
News: Jewish School Fire-Bombed In Montreal In Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism (story)

Not News: Claudia Schiffer’s Dogs Cause Neighbors to Complain to Police (on FOX News front page)
News: Sudanese Government Deploys Planeloads of Troops As Darfur Peacekeepers Ordered Out (story)

Not News: Escaped Fugitive In New York State (story) this is state news not breaking national news!
News: Peace Deal Between Pakistan and Pro-Taliban Militants Raises Concerns of “Safe-Haven” for Terrorists (story)

News: Bush Pollster Pleads Guilty to Fraud For Faking Numbers (story)
Not News: Collecting O.J. Simpson Civil Damages (Nancy Grace did a whole hour on this)

Not News: More “Missing White Woman Syndrome” (see Nancy link above)
News: Bush Aims to Kill War Crimes Act (story)

Not News: “Survivor” reality show’s new racial competition (story)
News: Secretary of State compares anti-war voters to pro-slavery appeasers in Civil War (story)

Keep informed, readers!


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