Former Sandinista Wins Nicaragua Presidency

Former Sandinista Wins Nicaragua Presidency

An Addendum To U.S. Vows To Punish Nicaragua For Elections

As I reported in detail in the aforementioned post, the U.S. administration has recently been meddling in Nicaraguan affairs by openly supporting the Contra-type opponents of former Sandinista Daniel Ortega’s leading presidential bid, sending Oliver North to Nicaragua to stump for the Contras last week and threatening to cut off humanitarian aid and block trade if the election doesn’t go their way.

Update: Ortega won.

See Ortega appears to win Nicaragua election.

Condoleezza Rice is saying they’ll wait and see what policies Ortega pursues before they decide what actions to take against Nicaragua

Ortega is promising to be a good little moderate and support loathsome administration policies like CAFTA, and not rock the corporate gravy boat.

Prediction: Ortega will toe the line or face a coup attempt like Chavez, or get assassinated.
I don’t expect he’ll cross the line.