President of the National Association of Evangelicals Admits Gay Allegations

President of the National Association of Evangelicals Admits Gay Allegations

Addendum to Hypocrisy

It seems my recent post, Hypocrisy, which noted the unavoidable, persistent phenomenon of gay men leading the anti-gay crusade, was all too prescient, as Ted Haggard, the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, revealed Sunday that “I am a deceiver and a liar,” and that the allegations that he had meth-fueled sex with a male prostitute were actually true.

We can no longer avoid this persistent pattern that now has dozens well-known of instances and likely countless cases on the down-low: closeted men vociferously denouncing “the gay agenda” to prove to themselves and everyone else they aren’t really gay, and because they spend so much time every day lashing out in opposition to homosexuality, they become the leaders of the anti-gay movement.

Check out this video circulating everywhere of Ted Haggard preaching against homosexuality in the new documentary “Jesus Camp,” with Ted dropping a super creepy Freudian joke at the end.

Should constant, strong anti-gay rhetoric be a leading indicator of a self-loathing closet case?

I strongly empathize with what Haggard and most believers are saying about Biblical inerrancy, I do believe in the Torah. Leviticus says gay sex is abomination, every Jew knows this; it’s the Torah. The question is, how do believers then act on that information. My views on this are complicated and I hope to go into detail on this difficult issue in another post, but I’ll say this: I think Torah bans homosexuality because so often we Jews and our halacha are on the brink of extinction and we need to make more Jews, and it should always be put in this context. In order to ensure the survival of the Torah, marriage and big families are the priority of the Torah. But when people can’t do that, the priority should be love.

Maybe if there was more love, guys like Roy Cohn, mayor Jim West, Senator Larry Craig, Michael Savage, Jeff Gannon, Charlie Crist, Mark Foley and now Ted Haggard wouldn’t have had lash out at gays to try to cover up their true colors.