How I’m Doing

Another night.
Another night.

Sitting here alone, there is ample quiet to think
That’s how I spend my time.
As a thinker.
I’m a thinker.

I’m a poet without poetry to write. Right now.

This isn’t poetry at all.

It’s just some alone guy reaching out into the ether.

There’s nothing really to say. Right now.

With Mom’s condition worsened, even the basic routine isn’t always possible any more….the only thing that’s certain nowadays is sleep, and my computer.

My ambitions don’t seem real. I don’t have many choices. Do I want to sleep on my side or on my back?

But I do have a lot of time to think, and hopefully grow.

All I can do now is think.

Join me as I ponder difficult topics on my blog. Tonight it’s foreign policy.

Later, who knows? I’m okay.

But all I can do in life right now is think.

Or sleep.

That’s how I’m doing.