It’s A New Year


Time is passing. One of the greatest illusions mankind clings to, is the notion that time is stalled and they can hang on to the status quo. You can’t. One of the only unalterable elements of nature is change.

Nation-states rise and fall, politics shift like unavoidable rising tides. In Iran, anti-regime politics are on the rise. When one political party consolidated control in America in 2004, fault lines within that party immediately formed almost like cells inevitably dividing, and the Congress remained divided. Even within online communities factions and alliances form and are constantly in flux!

On the micro level, our bodies are in constant motion, even me who is immobilized. The cells rapidly divide. The intestines are in a continual state of peristalsis. Our lungs have a similar process, constantly working up, aside from their rise and fall. The heart is constantly pounding.

The mind gains knowledge and the body slows as we age. No one can stop this any more than they can stop the sun from rising. I’m watching it happen.

Ultimately, it’s true what Darwin said, the individuals in nature who will succeed won’t necessarily be the ones who are the strongest, nor the smartest, but will be the ones who adapt the best to changing circumstances.

I’m watching everything change. I’m waiting on the world to change. This new year my mood is like that John Mayer song I put on my profile; he taps into the underpinning emotion of my generation so well.

I’m waiting on the world to change.