How My Thanksgiving Went


All the family who live in the house.
From me (right), mom, Jamie (left), Nana and Louie the dog in my bed, at bottom.

I asked mom to get bread so I could HaMotzi-ize it (say the bread blessing in Hebrew), so it was the most Jewy Thanksgiving to date. May it only increase.

I was so grateful to have us still together, in spite of.all the adversity. I was so grateful to be able to eat turkey. It was truly a time of Thanksgiving.

Interesting conversations over the turkey:
Me: “They made him (my Jewish grandpa, Burt) into their Shabbas goy!”
Nana: “what?” (she is a non-Jew)
Me: “you said the Orthodox families in Baltimore paid him to make their fires on the Sabbath. This is sending the message to a Jewish child ‘you aren’t one of us,’ ‘Shabbas is not for you,’ etc. It’s so wrong.”
Nana: (shocked) “I don’t see how it could be wrong.”
Me: “I know you don’t see it, but it’s illegal on so many levels, wrong in a myriad of ways.”
Nana: “well I promise you he didn’t see it that way. He saw it as a great way to make money.”
Me: (giving up) Sigh….

Fun fact:
The Hebrew word for Thanksgiving is Hodu, from the verb to thank (as in Todah). They say “Hodu LaShem” (thank the Lord!)
But turkey meat is also called “hodu,” so Hodu LaShem can also be translated as “a turkey for G-d.”


Hope you all had a great “turkey for G-d” day!