Name The Blog

Going Big-Time, Need A New Name

This Blog has picked up in activity lately, and I hope to keep it that way, and broaden its audience and its influence. I now publish it on Xanga, MySpace and on

And big news: the blog is now featured alongside other lefty blogs at! See it here.

Though I sincerely oppose the Bush regime generally and souless, Torah-less corporate amorality in particular, I try to make my posts more cogent policy statements and less raving rhetoric, though sometimes I mix the two.

But I differ from other blogs in another big way: I’m religious. And I blog about Torah portions and other theological things.

All told, my posts fall into four broad categories, or a mixture of these:
1) Political analysis
2) Torah commentary and religious matters
3) Musings on personal life
4) Other

My blog will continue to communicate my unique, odd takes on life, politics and scripture.

What should my blog be named? What single short phrase can capture a taste of these posts calling for justice and inalienable rights, Torah-style?


I’m opening up the floor for suggestions.