Governor Riley Refuses New Fed. Funding For Disabled, Advocates To Rally

A Mobile Register Letter to the Editor I’m Nick Dupree. Some of you may remember me from my public battle to stop Alabama Medicaid from ending nursing care for people on life support when they turned 21, a battle I won and received a flurry of media attention for three years ago, in the Register … Continue reading “Governor Riley Refuses New Fed. Funding For Disabled, Advocates To Rally”

The Pope Calls Religious Violence Unreasonable, Triggering Religious Violence

Reaction Way Worse Than Comment The Pope gave an academic lecture on “Faith and Reason” in which he says violence in the name of G-d is unreasonable, and he touched on a Byzantine Emperor’s quote blasting the idea of Jihad. Incredibly, this has spurred a massive round of protests and violent reprisals. If you read … Continue reading “The Pope Calls Religious Violence Unreasonable, Triggering Religious Violence”

Love Your Neighbor: The Whole Torah?

More Torah Commentary Veahavta l’reyacha kamocha, or, in English, “you shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Lev. 19:18) is one of the core mitzvos (commandments) of the Torah, and is in nearly every religion. This is counted in Rambam’s Sefer HaMitzvos as its own commandment, but he also notes that this mitzvah falls under the … Continue reading “Love Your Neighbor: The Whole Torah?”

Serve G-d Without Thought Of Reward

Commentary On Sefer HaMitzvos It’s time for a post about Torah before Shabbas (Sabbath) starts. As I mentioned earlier, I’m studying Rambam’s Sefer HaMitzvos, which lists all of the Torah’s 613 mitzvos (commandments), what they mean, their reasons, how to do them, and why they’re included as one of the 613. In my study of … Continue reading “Serve G-d Without Thought Of Reward”

Global Warming

How Can Anyone Not See It? We’re digging up fossil fuels and pumping them into the air like never before, and the government still denies mass carbon emissions are causing global warming. All the smog that’s increasing children’s allergies and asthma worldwide on a scale heretofor unimaginable, is being ignored. I just clicked on Yahoo … Continue reading “Global Warming”

September 11: Also Very Far Away

An Addendum To My Previous 9/11 Blog In my last 9/11 blog, I commented on how raw the event still feels to me. How close it feels. How fresh the wound still is. But it is also so very far away. Isn’t it amazing that the second-graders who were reading “The Pet Goat” to the … Continue reading “September 11: Also Very Far Away”

The Religion Century

Religion Will Shape Our World The last century, 1900-2000, was “the communism century” and was defined by the USA vs. USSR struggle. Now the world is no longer bi-polar, the only pole left is the US, and in place of a conflict between nation-states, we have clashing cultures and ideologies. A rising tide of religious … Continue reading “The Religion Century”

September 11: Still Too Raw For Me

Anniversary of Terror September 11, 2001 my grandmother woke me up and told me the country was under attack. I turned on the TV and saw the replays of the second plane flying into the tower. It had just hit the tower — I SAW IT. I know what I saw; planes full of jet … Continue reading “September 11: Still Too Raw For Me”

Name The Blog

Going Big-Time, Need A New Name This Blog has picked up in activity lately, and I hope to keep it that way, and broaden its audience and its influence. I now publish it on Xanga, MySpace and on And big news: the blog is now featured alongside other lefty blogs at! See it … Continue reading “Name The Blog”

News, Not News

In A New Segment, I Dissect What The Dumb Media Is And Isn’t Covering As the recent media blitz surrounding fake Jon Benet murder suspect John Mark Karr has shown us, the mainstream media (MSM) is completely clueless about what IS and ISN’T news. Since everyone is so confused, I’ll give you a breakdown on … Continue reading “News, Not News”

Disability Rights Treaty

Historic First Human Rights Treatry of New Millenium The UN Disability Rights Treaty has been approved! It is the first human rights treaty of the new millenium, and is aimed at protecting the planet’s estimated 650 million disabled people. It bans discriminatory laws and practices, and it is supposed to spur a revolutionary change in … Continue reading “Disability Rights Treaty”